Hello from the West Northants Digital Team!

​​​​​​​If you were to design a council service from scratch, using today’s tools and technology, what would it look like?

We’re *pretty* sure it wouldn’t involve reams of paper forms, systems that don’t speak to each other and legacy tech from 20 years ago.

We are the Digital team and this is exactly the sort of challenge we get our teeth stuck into! We design, develop, deliver and support services that are flexible, efficient, effective and useful.

What we do

  • We design new end-to-end services and make existing ones work better
  • We develop and build websites, applications, systems and integrations
  • We deliver transformational change and savings by steering projects to completion
  • We support and monitor services to ensure they’re in tip-top condition, secure and up to date

Why we do it

We’re an ambitious team and always pushing the bar through what we can achieve through innovation. Our digital services shouldn’t just be the best they can be for local government, but the best they can be, FULL STOP. We are committed to services that are available, accessible, empowering and joined up, so that customers only need to tell us their story once.